Why should you go for a vibrating butt plug?

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There are many ways of enjoying sex with their partner. People love foreplay, some simply go for the main thing, and some also love to try anal. Anal play can intimidate some people if they have never tried it.

Many men and women even don’t consider anus as an erogenous zone. They consider it a dirty place which is only for getting the waste out. Guess what, your anus contains many nerves which can lead you to extreme pleasure if stimulated.

A person, who tries anal for the first time, prefers enjoying anal play time-and-again. However, it can be a little intimidating for the first time because the entrance there is quite narrow. You should follow the right approach to eliminate fear. Try a vibrating butt plug before trying anal sex. The experience would be awesome and you won’t fear anymore.

What is a butt plug?

Butt plugs are widely used in sex toys. A butt plug is quite different from a dildo. It is smaller in size, looks like a plug in shape, and it can vibrate. This sex toy is designed only for anal play. The latest designs of butt plugs allow the users to experience anal play simulation for a long time.

Suppose you love it and want to feel it whenever you want, you can put that butt plug in and go out wherever you want. It will be hidden inside your undergarment and only you will know it is there. That’s what makes butt plugs pretty awesome.

The latest models of butt plugs can vibrate and make anal stimulation much better than ordinary butt plugs. You can control the vibration by using a remote and enjoy the sensation of anal sex whenever you want.

Both males and females can use vibrating butt plugs. It gets easily inside the anus and then vibrates. You fee exceptional sensation around your anal walls as it vibrates. You can increase the intensity of vibration to enjoy anal stimulation in a wilder way. A normal butt plug simply sticks inside your anus but a vibrating sex toy stimulates your nerve endings pretty effectively to offer more pleasure.

Types of vibrating butt plugs:

Even though you are using a normal butt plug, try a vibrating butt plug. You would never put that ordinary butt plug in your butt hole ever. It is that effective. That vibrating effect brings more fun in the play and makes you go wilder when having sex with your partner. There are several types of vibrating butt plugs. The most popular ones are as follows:

  • Steel butt plugs:

Steel butt plugs are designed for those who like to put rock-solid toys inside their anus. It is made of non-porous steel which slides smoothly inside the butthole. It is super tough and therefore it will never break, bend, or shatter. You can use your steel butt plugs for many years if you want.

  • Silicone butt plugs:

Silicone is the most widely chosen material for making sex toys. It is safe and offers a smoother touch as inserted inside butthole. You will feel like a natural penis penetrating your butt hole without hurting those anal walls. It feels much better when the motor inside that butt plug vibrates.

  • Glass butt plugs:

You may rarely find a vibrating butt plug made of glass. Even though you find one, you should avoid it to enjoy anal sex simulation more safely. A glass plug made of poor quality material can cause serious injuries.

Picking the best vibrating butt plug:

It is never easy to pick the right sex toy, especially when you are buying for the first time. Consider the following things and you will get the best butt plug for anal pleasure.

  • Pick the right size:

It would not be easy for the beginners to put a thick butt plug inside their anus. Your first experience with this sex toy can become the last one if you do not pick the right size. Start with a smaller one if you are trying it for the first time. Go for a larger vibrating butt plug if you are already using this sex toy for quite a while.

  • Choose the right design:

Some butt plugs are designed to resemble a real penis and some look like normal plugs. Vibrating butt plugs come in various shapes. What matters is the smoothness and design. It must feature a wider base so that you can easily pull it out. You already know which material is the best for vibrating butt plugs, so make a wise decision.

  • Vibration:

Some butt plugs are equipped with a powerful motor which you can control remotely. It allows you to increase or decrease the vibrating intensity of that butt plug. Butt plug should offer you several levels of vibration so that you can enjoy its presence inside your anus.

The latest models of butt plugs can also connect with smartphones wirelessly. You can select the kind of vibration you want by using an app. Thus, it becomes a more exciting sex toy, especially if your partner is controlling that vibration intensity from another city.

Why go for a vibrating butt plug?

Normal butt plugs are designed only to stay inside your anus, but vibrating sex toys vibrate as you press the button. It won’t make a weird sound but it will rock your anal walls. You can keep the vibration intensity low to enjoy a smooth stimulation and increase it when you want to experience an extreme pleasure. You won’t need to touch it or put it in-and-out to enjoy anal play. It will vibrate and you can enjoy other things, like playing with a dildo for more fun.

Final thoughts:

Vibrating butt plugs have taken the sex toy market by storm. More and more people are buying this sex toy for better anal stimulation. You should get it now if you have not tried it yet. The chances are almost zero that you won’t like it. We hope that this article has given you a comprehensive guide regarding vibrating butt plugs, but if you need more information before you jump right in to this amazing experience, we suggest that you browse the helpful articles and product guides of lovegasm.co.